Scotts Valley Haunted House Participant Privacy Policy

Your phone number will be viewable by staff until you confirm it by replying to the confirmation text. Once confirmed, it is encrypted and only readable by computer. Your password will be hashed and impossible to recover by human or computer. Other information saved in your account is viewable by Ringleader and by staff or others as appropriate. In some cases (especially community service forms), the information will be viewed in future years. Information may include name, grade level, position, email address, photos, attendance, shirt order, food orders, room and friend requests, teachers and periods, schedules, community service hours and reflections, paperwork status, and other relevant information. It also includes messages sent by or to you through the Messages app, so please avoid sending anything inappropriate. Messages may be sent to you from certain staff members or people in your room. Some staff are able to send messages to groups of people at once, but these do not function as group messages (replies will only go to the sender). You also will receive a limited number of automated reminder messages. If you do not wish to receive messages, please talk to Ringleader. Logging in to your account places a cookie on your device to identify you so that you can remain logged in. This cookie can be removed simply by logging out. These terms may be adjusted if such is warranted by unforeseen situations, although this is not likely.